About accession (and withdrawal)

Osaka prefecture Aikido Federation is an aikido group registered in “Aikikai foundation” and agrees with the purpose of this federation Aikido group that has its activity base in Osaka prefecture and Town, district, city Aikido Federation , made up of people joining the Federation.

You can go from time to time as soon as possible by applying for membership and withdrawal from the Federation under specified procedures.

Flow of application (and withdrawal)

Please apply for accessing and withdrawing from the Osaka prefecture Aikido Federation with reference to the following flow.

1. Understanding the Federation Code
Please be sure to read the Federation Code of Conduct. You can download the PDF by clicking the link below.

Osaka prefecture aikido association code(As of 2014.5.11)

If you have any questions, please contact us from inquiries and do not have any doubts.

2.Application form description
By clicking the link below you can download “application form for membership”.
Please fill out the necessary information on the downloaded document.

Accession application form

Regarding filling in, you may write directly on PDF by PC, or fill out printed matter with writing instrument etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us from inquiries .
When there are incompleteness etc. in the entry, it may take time to confirm the application.

3.How to send the application form
Please send the completed form to the Federation.
In the case of PDF you can send by email attachment. In the case of printed documents, please mail them to the following address.


※In case of mailing, shipping fee will be borne by you

4. About application confirmation
After receiving the documents, after reviewing the contents of the description, we will review the Federation.
Once approved it will become formal accession (or formal withdrawal).