At “the 2019 cutting of the New Year’s rice cake, the martial arts beginning ceremony”when it is hosted by a Japanese martial arts gymnasium Our league receiving a prize of [ martial arts excellence group prize]

This time undeserved honor of receiving the martial arts excellence group prize is really thankful and are impressed with all the leagues members. We express sincere appreciation for the people concerned and Ueshiba Doshu who way mainly recommend us to it.

We feel tense that all of us in heavy responsibility and duties of the receiving the prize,
at the same time we express lots of thanks for the support of all of Aikikai for many years.



Mr. Ozaki, Chairman of the All-Japan-Aikido-Federation was kindly escorting us during the ceremony in the meeting place, and we have Mr.Kuribayashi headquarters instructor attending us all the way long and never leaving from the reception desk till the last, and all members are moved with the warm consideration of on that day. I shared the situation of the auspicious event to Mr.Kimura the president, was waiting in Osaka, the Chairman Mr. Shimamoto, the vice-president Mr.Suma attended the commendation ceremony on behalf of the league, and it was the day when we were busy and so proud of the receipt prize.

The league started on May, 2010 and approximately eight years ago, there has been activity of “the Kansai area aikido joint study society” having the history more than 20 years as the pioneer. Aikido enthusiast of Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Shiga, Hyogo, Wakayama, Aichi, Fukui and Toyama meet at Osaka every Year in autumn, and have been enjoying joint training headed by Ueshiba Doshu and master of headquarter. It may be said that this activity is right the source of the league formation. we are convinced that we formed it in short period, and league composition was connected to the next organic activity when there was an approach run period as this study society.

when this receiving a prize is expectation and encouraging of inner again outside all of you for us, it is understood. We would make an effort for further development of the Aikido. we would like your guidance and encouragement heartily. We establish league HP in January, 2019. please send any opinions to us freely.


Osaka Aikido Federation
The board of directors

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